It often happens that business owners are creative and innovative. This is why they have all the ideas for businesses. This set of skills is very much different than dealing with business on the day to day bases.

For instance, a lot of business owners don’t know much about business loans. This is one of the most important things a business creator could be knowledgeable about, but it isn’t that interesting.

Type of loans also determine how you’ll repay them and what to do when you can’t repay them.

Credit cards

Business credit cards are issues to companies, but other than that they work in the same way as personal credit cards. The business makes a purchase and the amount is deducted from your card in installments with an interest rate. This makes it easier to make larger purchases if you have a stream of income.

By shopping around for such cards you’re able to find some that are better than others. This usually comes in a form of a grace period or a period in which you don’t pay interest. It’s important for the purchases not to be above your income level.

Equipment loans


Equipment loans are exactly what they sound like. They are loans made to buy equipment. It’s usually done with a 20 percent down payment regardless of the size of the loan or the business taking it. This may come as very big help to small businesses in manufacturing and farming industries.

The security for such a loan is the equipment itself. The business is using the equipment, but it doesn’t own it until the loan gets repaid in the entirety.

Small business loans


Small business loans are government backed loans that are best suited to small companies that need money for setting up the shop. These loans work like any other loan – you get the money and return in equal rates with interest. The only difference is that the government guaranties for the loan in case you can’t repay it.

You need to convince both the bank and the government that you will repay the loan if you’re able to. The second part is much harder than the first. You’re going to have to do everything by the book and to organize your job in a way that’s set up by the government.

Choose the loan based on your business needs and preferences.