It takes a certain set of skills to start a business. It’s important to note that it’s not the same set that’s needed to run it or make it successful, but it is a certain set of skills that not everyone has.

If you’re thinking about starting one you may want to ask yourself do you have this skills and how you might use them to create a company that will go beyond your initial idea.

In and out of the box


The idea you have should be outside of the box but still firmly within it as well. This means that you want something that’s new and that no one has come up yet, but also something that there’s a market for as well. That way you’ll have a sustainable business, but still dominate the market.

Business owners don’t like to hear this. They think that one should have a similar idea to their own, and that all of them are the new Steve Jobs. However, it’s best to come up with a useful variation of something old.

Start thinking about branding


Even the best ideas aren’t worth that much if you don’t have a way to showcase them to the audience. As soon as you find out what your new company will be you need to start thinking about letting others know as well. This is much trickier than you think and for most of the time you need to think about your business as if you were a competitor.

Have in mind that your audience can come from a variety of backgrounds and use a variety of channels to get their information. The branding process should take that into consideration.

A plan B


You also need to have a plan in case things don’t work out the way you planned. This happens, most companies don’t last longer than a year and it can be disappointing. It shouldn’t also destroy your personal finances. This depends on the way you’ve set up the business, so discuss it with your tax lawyers.

Some of your personal finances should stay intact regardless of how the business is doing. This will provide you with a safe backup in case things don’t work out. It also changes the way your company can react to a lawsuit so you need to think this through.


Do you have what it takes?